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The portable control device serves the optical and acoustic indication of the detected activity as well as the electricity supply of the probes.

The system recognizes the probe immediately, calls the optimum operation-settings („automatic probe recognition“) and selects the suitable standard nuclide ("automatic nuclide choice").

Besides the most frequently used 99mTc (140 keV) there is a huge number of other nuclides which can be detected by Crystal Probe -automatic-.
The large 5.5 " back-lit display shows all important information to the surgeon such as:
count rate (detected radioactivity in cps - counts per second) by five large digits and as bar-graph
count rate max (maximum count rate for previous 30 sec.)
connected probe
automatically set or manually chosen nuclide
power management of battery
sample time (1 sec or 10 sec)
setting of acoustic signal (Melody)
"pitch"-setting of audible count rate
Wireless Straight Probe
Straight Probe
PET Probe
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