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VERT - The Flight Simulator for Linacs.

VERT™ is a virtual environment of a radiotherapy treatment room. Through captivating 3D views and life size visualizations, VERT offers an excellent platform for supplying radiation therapy training to students, nurses and multidisciplinary team members. From illustration of theoretical concepts through to acquisition of clinical skills in a safe environment VERT delivers benefits for the student, tutor, clinic staff and the patient.

Every VERT system is bespoke. We work with you to match your needs and your budget.
PEARL is the virtual Linac for patients.

An innovative tool to explain radiation therapy to your patients and to referring physicians.
Moving beyond simply seeing the patient on the Linac couch, look inside the patient, visualise organs at risk and see the treatment delivery.

PEARL seamlessly integrates into the existing information chain and improves on more traditional methods.
PEARL is an invaluable tool when describing your centre’s capabilities to referring physicians.
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